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Exciting Korea

Korea Tours

The Rythm of Korea and Seoul, 2020

Enjoy wonderful attractions of South Korea with a lively, infectious sound!
The Korean Tourism Organization has collaborated with the alternative pop band ‘LEENALCHI’ and ‘Ambiguous Dance Company’. Feel the rhythm of Korea with music based on traditional Korean folk tales and wonderful dances.

CoolVision- Seoul,Korea

This video gives general information about Seoul, such as population, economy, history, food, and places to visit against the backdrop of Seoul's everyday streets.

360 Panorama/VR images from Seoul

You can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of Seoul and major tourist attractions in Korea.

Stay curious: Seoul from your living room

Stay curious: Seoul from your living room

This is Seoul, Korea

This is a video of the Brennisphere sisters coming to Seoul to visit Deoksugung Palace, Namsan Tower, and to see, eat, and experience Myeong-dong shopping streets.


5 Must-Visit Grand Palaces in Seoul

This impressive tour unveils the beauty and history of each of the 5 palaces as well as nearby tourist facilities like shopping malls, restaurants, and comfortable accommodations.


National Museum of Korea

Virtual tour of the museum
The “Museum View” service, which is offered through NAVER maps (map.naver.com), presents 3-D panoramic images of all the exhibition halls of the National Museum of Korea. The service now helps museum lovers to browse or closely examine online a great variety of relics from the Paleolithic Period to the Joseon Period in the museum with zoomable high resolution images, which provide an experience as if you were right there in the exhibit.

Temple Stay

Beomeosa Temple stay

This is a video clip of Samuel and Audrey at a temple stay at Beomeosa, a famous Buddhist temple in Busan. It includes a Buddhist breakfast and dinner, lectures on Buddhist customs and history, a meditation and bowing ritual, temple site visit and drum performance events.

Curious about a Temple Stay in Korea?

This is a video clip made by Woljeongsa Temple in Gangwon-do to introduce temple stays to foreigners, an experience where you can get immersed in traditional culture, nature, and yourself through a mysterious happiness trip.

Temple Stay at the beautiful Jinkwansa temple

These days temple stays are very popular with tourists and Lara got a chance to experience one!



The story of Frank and Kabanga visiting Imjingak and Panmunjom in Paju.


A video that captures the atmosphere around the Joint Security Area as seen through a group of visitors.

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