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ISIAQ Student Travel Award

Attending an ISIAQ conference is a cornerstone activity in graduate school research

While still a student, this activity allows you to present your research and progress, receive the latest updates on research by others, meet new contacts and get together with peers. Of course, attending a regional or international conference requires a financial commitment that is not always available to students.

ISIAQ acknowledges the importance of having students at the Indoor Air 2020, and the society is deeply committed to involving students in its activities. ISIAQ therefore offers awards to help students attend Indoor Air 2020, which includes free conference registration and free accommodations for up to 4 nights.

A selection committee will identify student awardees based on the following criteria:

  1. 1.The need for financial assistance should be confirmed through an official letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor;
  2. 2.At the time of the conference, the student applying for the award should be enrolled in a graduate program or still be working actively on the PhD research. Evidence will be in the form of official university documentation; and
  3. 3.A relevant Full Paper of good quality is accepted for the Indoor Air 2020 Proceedings. The Full Paper may either be assigned as a platform or poster presentation at the conference.
Students applying for the ISIAQ Student Travel Award for Indoor Air 2020 should send an e-mail to info@isiaq.org, with the subject line: “IA2020 ISIAQ Student Travel Award Application” by the paper submission deadline of June 30, 2020.
The application should include documentation for the first two criteria mentioned above, which can be attached to the e-mail as PDFs. In addition, the e-mail should clearly state the student’s name, affiliation, contact information and include the registration and/or Paper ID, title and summary.

The selection committee includes representatives from the ISIAQ Board of Directors, the Academy of Fellows, the conference organization committee, and the conference scientific committee. This selection committee will base its decision on the review of the information received and the paper submitted.

We encourage you to consider applying for this award. You are the future of ISIAQ!
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